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Dip Coated Aluminum Bus Bar for the Electrical Industry

Dip Coating Services
Dip Coating Services
Dip Coated Aluminum Bus Bar for the Electrical Industry
Dip Coated Aluminum Bus Bar for the Electrical Industry

Kathom Manufacturing Company Inc. custom dip molded products offer superior performance and exceptional material property characteristics. We are well known in the industry for our ability to provide a cost-effective alternative to an existing product that delivers premium performance and a longer working life.

We produced the aluminum bus bar(s) pictured here for a customer in the electronics industry. They were not satisfied with the quality of the product they were receiving from their current supplier, and were looking for a more economical and durable solution with improved clarity and appearance. Our expert material engineers evaluated the requirements, and their in-depth knowledge of plasticizer technology enabled them to customize chemistry for the plastisol bath that would provide the durability and transparency the customer was looking for at a much more reasonable price than they had been paying.

Ranging in size from 1” to 20” in length, these bus bars have various sized holes to accommodate different sized wires. Using our proprietary dip coating equipment, we selectively apply the reformulated coating to protect the holes from damage and wear and facilitate wire insertion. Having flexible manufacturing equipment to meet specialized needs enabled us to complete this project on time and above and beyond customer expectations.

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Dip Coated Aluminum Bus Bar Project Highlights

Product Name
Neutral Bars / Connectors
Product Description
These Bus Bars are used to form an electrical connection between wires.
Dip Molding Capabilities Applied/Processes

Product Design / Engineering
  • Reformulate the specifications of the Plastisol

Dip Coating
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Kathom Manufactured Custom Proprietary Equipment
Overall Part Dimensions
Bar Size Ranges: 1" – 20"
Wire Diameter: Ø 1"
Material Used
Aluminum - Bar
Industry for Use
Delivery Location
North America
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

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